The next time you are looking for San Diego Winery Tours we have a clear cut suggestion you may have not considered before… Baja Winery Tours in the Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California Mexico. Yes, people often looking for wine tasting tours or winery tours in San Diego don’t realize how close they are to one of the hippest, un-and-coming regions anywhere when it comes to wine. Those who are in the “The know” are already aware of the wine adventures border tours can bring.

In this case we are recommending Crossing South “The Experience” a tour crafted after the popular PBS travel show with the same name. We have to say that there are many baja border tours but this is one you will want to take instead. They have “cookie cutter” packages but they tell you and encourage you to either customize your tour based on what you’ve seen on the TV show or just tell them a little of what you’d like to experience and trust they will create the perfect itinerary for you. This includes wild foodie tours, because if you’ve seen the show you’ll realize that although the Valle de Guadalupe is an amazing region on its own, Baja has a lot more to offer.

So winery tours? Yes, but if you’d like to add incredible food to that order then these guys have you covered. Now many of the wineries they will take you too have some of the best food you will ever taste on premises. A great example of this, is one of one of the wineries where they took us: La Villa del Valle. Listen if we had spent our entire day on the premises of this delightful B&B/world class restaurant/winery it would have been worth the trip. But that’s just it, private day trips in to Baja with tour like Crossing South The Experience don’t have to be wine tasting tours only.

A day trip to Mexico from San Diego can include a stop at the famous Puerto Nuevo Baja California where you can have some of that deliciously famous Puerto Nuevo lobster (Makes Red Lobster food seem like a Big Mac). There are also accommodations you can consider if you want to make more than a day trip. If you loved the lobster so much you want to have another go at it you could stay at Puerto Nuevo hotel which would be a convenient strategical location if you wanted to choose between the Wine Valley, Rosarito, Ensenada or Tijuana. The Valle de Guadalupe has some nice hotels as well in some of the wineries and restaurants like next to Fuego, which is a cool complex with chic accommodations and the El Cielo Winery which just completed full hotel and condo resort. The caveat here is these places are a bit overpriced for our taste, you can easily drop $300-$600 a night at some of these sites, so ouch.

If you are going to travel to Mexico and you want to extend your stay, your number one option should be to stay at a hotel in Tijuana, YES in Tijuana. They have really high quality accommodations with excellent customer service and clean rooms. Almost any tour of the premier tour operators will pick you up at the border or at your Tijuana hotel and subsequently drop you off on the same location.

In the case of Crossing South The Experience , they will pick you up anywhere in San Diego county, drive you across and drive you back (There is more to it, you need to bring documentation and when you cross back to the U.S there is a protocol but they will explain it to you). When we were looking for wine tour San Diego, I have to say pictures of Baja Mexico had not crossed my mind as an option. We love wine, and if we are not looking for a San Diego wine store we are looking for a wine tasting tour. But now, thanks to the boys at Crossing South The Experience (Thank you) we want to experience Baja wine more and more. We want a San Diego Mexico tour! A San Diego Puerto Nuevo lobster tour! All we want now are private day trips to Baja and our choice is Crossing South The Experience… not a bad way to spend a day from 9am-6pm.