The Best Way To Get To Know The Valle De Guadalupe

Written by Leroy B

November 24, 2019

The Gateway Tour

The #classicguadalupe tour is a wonderful tour to take if you want to get your feet wet in what is considered one of the hippest wine regions on the planet. This is the perfect experience to take if this is your first time at the Valle de Guadalupe in Baja. It’s the “gateway tour” that will leave you wanting more. Visit classic wineries; get to know the culture and the history. Eat at the different trendy eateries made famous by hot young chefs and become fully introduced to Mexico’s premier wine country.

They Have Discounts right now

This tour is normally $220 Dlls per person but as we enter low season we will be discounting it to $99 dollars per person. There is a 4 person minimum requirement so we suggest you get a group of friends form the office, have a family daytrip or get multiple couples. Once you book your awesome experience we will give you the exact pickup location at the border. It’s real easy just make sure you all have your passports ready, since you’ll need them to get back across to the US. There are San Diego pickup options available for an additional cost, if that is an option you want to consider you can ask about it when you call the number.

World Class Experience

Listen, the Valle de Guadalupe is a region that is simply stunning, it is visited not just by thousands of Americans everyday but from people from all over the world. You have a world class destination people are flaying to from Europe and Asia due to its renown and for you it is simply an hour tour ride away. The region has this rural charm, amazing produce, mouthwatering food (I mean if you’ve seen the TV Show Crossing South you should know), stunning sceneries, Instagram worthy backdrops, hot new chefs and great wine that is making the world take notice.

Plan your second trip

The #classicguadalupe tour introduces you to the region. You’re going on a first date. Pretty soon you will wanna get more serious for sure. You may want to take the #poshguadalupe tour which is secretly known as the “wine snob” tour. That one takes you to carefully selected wineries that are all about the wine. They may not be the largest or famous but if you have a pretty demanding taste for wine then you will want to consider that one. That tour is a bit high end but it is worth it.

You will go back

Make no mistake about it though, the #classicguadalupe is a ‘rockin’ tour that is sure to get you high-fives from your mates and give you all plenty of imagery to share on social media. It will hook you and you will be thinking of when can you go back again. Even the way to get there is awesome. The scenic highway is breathtaking, and after having an unforgettable experience you should be back home in San Diego by 8pm. Not bad for a daytrip right? The prices are down right now, they should go up again end of spring or beginning of summer 2020 so it’s a great time to go.

To the victor goes the spoils

There is a reward also for the organizer, right now (don’t know for how long) the person that organizes the tour is getting a $50 amazon gift card. Sometimes if they have any the guests will get free t-shirts which are pretty cool. Or if you take a picture while on tour and post and tag them they may mail one to you. You can ask. Great tour, take it now. It won’t be your only time so get it going, you’re already late to the party.

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